Allen Chiu
My name is Allen and I'm a 19 year-old student


"Watson 129: 4"
coming April 27th

Deepak Chiubrah, Dave, D-Eazy, Slambdog Trillionaire, $LIME, and, featuring the voice of Jake Scappa

directed by Free Spirits
filmed by Allen Chiu, Drew Osumi, Luke Rafferty, and Sam Maller

where I am in my life right now #2


Kinda in a chilling phase for communications design projects for now, just tweaking and fixing the two projects we’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks. Next week imma have to start redoing old projects and will be super busy again.

Hopefully I finish all the filming and post-production for our final video project before then. It’ll be an action/fighting movie. Shot the posters today and they looked pretty chill I’m excited for these.



Lastly, won this internship contest with The Refinery which doesn’t really secure an internship; I have to interview with them but I’m still excited. The prompt was to make a poster for ‘Angel of Death,’ a fake movie about a teenage girl who joins a society of assassins. You can view my submission here!



Surveyor: A Mapmaker’s Letter.

Engraved maps use a characteristic form of lettering that’s unmistakable as anything else. We celebrate this style with Surveyor, a monumental family of typefaces designed for print and screen, and for sizes large and small.

The style of lettering that inspired Surveyor is an invention of the early nineteenth century, born of the material properties of copperplate engraving and the informational needs of cartography.


i wish i had hundreds to blow on fonts because if i did, this would be the one i’d buy every weight of


You haven't answered my font Celeste hand question yet!!! Ahhhhh!

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I did!

had to make a fake magazine cover for photo class and I pulled my usb without ejecting and the file got all corrupted so I had to redo it but the colors ended up looking kinda cool imo so I screenshotted it so I can use this color palette for future designs haha

where I am in my life right now #1


Decided to start keeping a record of my progress artistically and just in life I guess. Right now I am overwhelmed by work I’m not really feeling for my communications design major classes.

Working on a side project right now which will be the last of our quarterly videos. Have high hopes for it, I’ve started working out every other day for my acting role.

Have kinda reached a plateau with my calligraphic endeavors since there’s only so much I can do with brush pens. Though recently I’ve started trying to create my own oriental-looking western character style and might make that into a font over the summer since I’m low on money. My brush pens have also been running out of ink so I will need to get new ones soon. Also considering getting a new tool so I can do other stuff too!

whats your favorite focal length?

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50 is what I use most but I might like something better if I had the money to afford other stuff

Hey allen chiu! I love the font Celeste Hand. I wanted to ask you how do you write in that font? -anonymous person!!!!! :) (I AM A HUGE FAN OF YOUR FONT)

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I didn’t write it, a sweet lady named Celeste did